Here at Magicshine UK, we know that very soon you’ll all be waking up those bike lights for the autumn/winter season, or starting to think about buying a new one. To help, we’ve put together 5 of our best front bike lights available in terms of value for money, run time, power, off road, and all-rounders.

Best Value for Money - The MJ-808 is one of the original Magicshine models and is still one of the best value high powered lights on the market at £75.95. It’s great for on or off road and punches well above its price in relation to lumen output at 900 lumens, which is brighter than a car headlight! It also comes with a free helmet mount and extension cable.

Best Run Time –The super bright MyTinySun Pro 900 Open Light Edition can run up to 22 hours on 25% power or nearly 6 hours run time at the full 1000 lumens, so you certainly won’t have to worry about a failed light. As well as a 2 year warranty, the Pro 900 comes with a helmet mount and extension cable.

Highest Power- The MyTinySun 3600X is perhaps the brightest, branded light available in the UK, with a staggering 3600 lumen output - and it’s only available at Magicshine UK! The 3600X brings innovative features too, with a built in brightness sensor and a 3D motion sensor. You really can turn night into day!

Best for Off Road – The compact Magicshine MJ-880E throws out a fantastic 2200 lumens and has a great beam spread and depth, allowing you to see far into the distance and everything around you whilst off road riding. The 'E' version exclusive to Magcshine UK, gives an extra 200 lumens of brighter whiter light.

Best All-Rounder– Our MJ-816E gives off an impressive 1800 lumens of power on full beam. All 3 light heads have been upgraded to Cree models, meaning you benefit from greater wide angle vision and an even punchier vision. The two outside lights give width for off road, but the remote control switch allows you to turn off this function when you are riding on the road – an excellent all-rounder.

Shop our range of front bike lights and be prepared for the autumn//winter season.