Installing LED bike lights on your bicycle will ensure you can ride to work at all times of the year, regardless of the conditions outside. If you don't currently commute by bike, you ae missing out on a range of great benefits.

Here are the top five reasons why you should finally fix that puncture and get on your bike:

Avoid the Early Morning Jams

We all know the horrible feeling that comes when you're sitting in traffic, slowly inching forwards, and you suddenly spot a collection of smug cyclists zooming past out of the window. Well why not join them? You too can leave the congested roads behind, and you may actually be able to lower the time your rush hour commute takes up.

Save the Environment

Thousands of engines idling in stationary queues pump out all kinds of toxic gasses into the atmosphere. Riding to work gives you the satisfaction of knowing you're making a small contribution towards reducing your CO² emissions, and therefore protecting the environment.

It's Cheaper

Cycling is one of the cheapest ways to travel. You provide all the power, meaning you'll make dramatic savings on fuel costs, and won't have to pay for parking or engine repairs as often.

Get Fit

Many people struggle to find the incentive to exercise. Cycling to work on a daily basis means you'll never have to beat yourself up about your lack of willpower again. You'll burn plenty of calories as a side effect of your morning commute, so don't worry if you lack the motivation to head to the gym or go jogging.

Feel Better and Concentrate Harder at Work

Scientists are constantly proving the benefits that taking a little exercise provides. Cycling to work will ensure the positive endorphins are flowing as you sit down at your desk, and will also guarantee you're fully awake and refreshed throughout the day. This will increase your concentration, mood, and motivation levels.

With so many benefits to cycling, it's a wonder that more people haven't taken it up. It's important to always cycle safely, however, avoiding dangerous roads and sticking to bike paths whenever possible. Fixing on some powerful bike lights is also essential, as you're likely to leave and return from work in the darkness at certain times of the year. LED bike lights will ensure drivers can always spot you from a distance, dramatically increasing your safety levels.