So it's that time of year again! The clocks flew forward on 'Mothers Day' making those dark, after work, training rides sunny and bright. So you're perhaps starting to think about packing your lights away for summer. This is therefore the perfect time to remind you about storing your lithium ion batteries over the summer months. Following our simple 3 step guide will enable you to get the very best out of your battery next season. It really is worth a read! 2017



Step 1 - Always disconnect the battery from the lighthead when not in use. Failure to do so will mean that over time your battery will completely discharge and it may not recharge.

Step 2 - Charge the battery to at least 40% of charge ( 40% is the optimum but it is critical you don't leave the battery without charge, so more is better than less). There is a continuous trickle of charge when your battery is not in use, so it needs energy to keep it healthy over the storage period.

Step 3 - Store the battery at room temperature or less, heat will make the battery discharge more quickly. The shed is not a good idea as they often get hot in summer, however the fridge is ideal. Although your wife may not agree! DO NOT FREEZE.

If the thought of missing out on your night riding shinanigans fills you with dread, or your intention is to carry on using your lights during the day to be more visible then;


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