1. Guaranteed Best Price-Performance Ratio

If you find another light set of comparable performance, functionality, quality and warranty services which is sold meeting all EU guidelines, for a lower price, we will refund the difference.

2. ‘Made in Germany’ Quality Combined with Environmental Responsibility

MyTinySun offer up to 24 months warranty for their lights which are designed and manufactured in Germany. MyTinySun offers comprehensive support and is environmentally conscious from product design to recycling and disposal.

3. Upgrade Warranty

These lights have ‘future proof ‘ built in! Anyone buying MyTinySun lights will be able to upgrade to the latest features and developments without buying a new light set. You’ll be rewarded for investing your trust in MyTinySun and their products.

4. Only the Highest Quality Materials

Aircraft standard aluminium, robotic standard leads for heavy use, industrial grade connectors, premium quality LEDs and the best batteries on the market.

5. Robust and Durable Construction

The design of these lights, the materials used and the manufacturing process lead to robust and durable products. MyTinySun lights are used in industrial applications where forces of up to 100G are applied. They are available in versions offering up to standard IP68 against matter and water ingress. That’s the leads, connectors, light head as well as the battery.

6. Technology at its Best

Self-developed electrical components offer maximum efficiency as well as functionality. Different models are programmable, either by the customer or by the factory and can be optimally tuned for different purposes. These components are networkable, expandable through sensors, available for different input voltage ranges and can therefore be used for more complex requirements and customised lighting systems if required.

7. Optimally Matched Temperature Characteristics

The assembly process can be optimised for thermal considerations and will offer the best light output, regardless of ambient temperature and cooling conditions. This is supported by intelligent temperature control which, in comparison to competitor products, offers maximum performance without danger of burns, fire or LED damage.

8. Reliable Battery Technology

MyTinySun is the only light manufacturer on the market offering up to 24 months comprehensive warranty (Pro and Sport models) for all battery packs.

9. Technical Leadership, Innovative Solutions Leading to Excellent Results

MyTinySun concepts have been copied but never achieved, purely because of their consistent development. You’re always sure of buying a technically cutting edge product.

10. Customer Development

Building lights is not an end in itself. MyTinySun only build lights according to the requirements of their customers and therefore at every stage of development, customers and athletes are asked for ideas and inputs as to what they want from the next generation of lights.

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