MyTinySun Sport 2700X

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  • Expert or simple mode
  • Variable outputs up to 2700 lumens
  • Industrial grade components
  • 2 year warranty, German build quality

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  • This is a light for riders who want a choice. From our experience, we know many riders in the UK are looking for quality components, not just batteries, to create a light set they can rely on utterly.

    The 2700X, represents the ultimate high power bike or head light on sale in the UK. It's the pinnacle of bike light engineering and is a great example of what'Made in Germany'is about. At a genuine, eye watering 2700 lumens, we believe this is the brightest bike light in serious production. The 2700X offers a range of programmes, should you need them. There are 3 power programmes for the more serious or professional riders, 3 Eco programmes for the more relaxed rider as well as a simple, easy to understand and use programme.

    Worried that it's too bright? Simply use the dimmer switch to turn it down, just like a car headlamp- simple!


    The lighthead can be helmet mounted and users have the choice of using the backlit click switch as a red tail light. Alternatively if you're in an orienteering event, you can use the switch as a white back light to help with map reading. The lighthead also comes with a range of high quality 'O' rings. Combined with the clamping device which is easy to use even for the weak fingered, this light head will fit to any bike and once fitted, won't be going anywhere! Thoughtful design means the lead exiting the light head is mounted the side, either side! No more chaffing against 'O' rings.

    Using your Sport 2700X

    The MyTinySun Sport 2700X is probably the most versatile light on the market. Whether you ride 24 hour endurance events, downhills, cross country, mountain events or time trial,s this is the light for you. It comes with 2 programme modes, eco or power. As the names suggests, the individual programmes within each mode allow the user to scroll through the power outputs that suit your needs on each particular ride. Alternatively there's a simple mode option which allows you to choose just high power or low power.Sounds difficult? It's not! The instructions provided take you through each step clearly. Remaining battery power is indicated in 2 ways. You can choose to helmet mount your Sport 2700X in which case the red LED behind the click switch switch acts as an additional tail light. In this mode, each change of power output will be accompanied by a number of momentary blinks of the main beam. Four blinks = full power, reducing down to one blink for less than 10%. If you've chosen to mount your lights on the bars, the click switch has a colour coded LED behind making it easy to determine how much power is left.


    The battery is also produced in Germany by Open Light Systems, the best on the market using Panasonic cells. These batteries come as standard on all MyTinySun products and this high capacity 5.8Ah battery will give you a full 2700 lumens for up to 2.5 hours, 1550 lumens for 5.5 hours all the way down to 440 lumens for 28 hours.

    The cables provided are all of robotic standard, designed to withstand constant moving and bending with an extremely high resistance to abrasion and chaffing.

    All the components, lighthead, connectors, leads as well as the battery are certified to IP67. This light won't let you down.

    The philosophy of MyTinySun starts with the customer everything from green production techniques through to thoughtful design and ending in fabulous customer service. That's why we offer a 2 year warranty.

    10 Reasons to buy one of our 'Made in Germany' lights

    1. Guaranteed best price-performance ratio
    2. If you find another light set of comparable performance, functionality, quality and warranty services which is sold meeting all EU guidelines for a lower price, we will refund the difference.
    3. 'Made in Germany' quality combined with environmental responsibility
    4. MyTinySun offer up to 24 months warranty for their lights which are designed and manufactured in Germany. MyTinySun offers comprehensive support and is environmentally conscious from product design to recycling and disposal.
    5. Upgrade Warranty
    6. These lights have 'future proof' built in! Anyone buying MyTinySun lights will be able to upgrade to the latest features and developments without buying a new light set. You will be rewarded for investing your trust in MyTinySun and their products.
    7. Only the highest quality materials
    8. Aircraft standard aluminium, robotic standard leads for heavy use, industrial grade connectors, premium quality LEDs and the best batteries on the market.
    9. Robust and durable construction
    10. The design of these lights, the materials used and the manufacturing process lead to robust and durable products. MyTinySun lights are tested and used in industrial applications where acceleration forces of up to 100G are applied. They are available in versions offering up to standard IP68 against matter and water ingress. That's the leads, connectors and lighthead, as well as the battery.
    11. Technology at its best
    12. Self-developed electrical components offer maximum efficiency as well as functionality. Different models are programmable, either by the customer or by the factory and can be optimally tuned for different purposes. These components are networkable, expandable through sensors, available for different input voltage ranges and can therefore be used for more complex requirements and customised lighting systems if required.
    13. Optimally matched temperature characteristics
    14. The assembly process can be optimised for thermal considerations and will offer the best light output, regardless of ambient temperature and cooling conditions. This is supported by intelligent temperature control which, in comparison to competitor products, offers maximum performance without danger of burns, fire or LED damage.
    15. Reliable battery technology
    16. MyTinySun is the only light manufacturer on the market offering up to 24 months comprehensive warranty (Pro and Sport models) for all battery packs.
    17. Technical leadership, innovative solutions leading to excellent results.
    18. MyTinySun concepts have been copied but parity has never been achieved, purely because of their consistent development. You're always sure of buying a technically cutting edge product.
    19. Customer development

    Building lights is not an end in itself. MyTinySun only build lights according to the requirements of their customers and therefore at every stage of development, customers and athletes are asked for ideas and inputs as to what they want from the next generation of lights.

    MyTinySun - the best or nothing!

    Box contents

    • MyTinySun SPORTS 2700X LED lamp
    • 3 pieces O-rings for different pipe diameter for mounting the SPORT 2700X LED light
    • Battery Case with Li-Ion Battery 14 ,4 V - 5.8 Ah
    • Velcro to mount the battery case
    • Velcro cable ties to secure the wires / plugs
    • Rubber strip (scratch protection for your frame against rubbing marks from the battery case)
    • MyTinySun SPORT 2700X charger
    • Helmet mount - advanced
    • Extension cable 70cm
    • Manual

  • MyTinySun er vores topmærke. Designet og håndlavet i Tyskland, og et eksempel på tysk kvalitet når det er aller bedst og med brug af kun de bedste materialer Model 2700X har en styrke på 2700 lumen. Den har to indstillinger: ’Simple’ og ’Expert’. I ’Simpe’ mode er det mulighed for en række lysstyrker. ’Expert’ mode giver den mere krævende rytter mulighed for at vælge mellem programmer for teknisk kørsel eller eco programmer for længere distancer. Udførlig manual medfølger. Et tysk produceret batteri med de bedste Panasonic celler giver en driftstid på op til 2,5 time selv ved fuld effekt som ikke er realistisk for de fleste ryttere. Montering er super enkel ved hjælp af den gennemprøvede O-rings fastgøring, og i pakken får du også et forlængerkabel og en hjelm montering Lygten leveres komplet med vores 24 måneders 'ingen brok' garanti.

  • Les lampes My TinySun, notre haut de gamme. Conçues et fabriquées, à la main, en Allemagne, elles sont le meilleur exemple de l'ingénierie allemande utilisant des composants de haute technologie et de qualité. Le modèle 2700X dispose d'une puissance de 2700 lumens. Avec 2 modes, simple et expert. Le mode simple permet un accès facile à une gamme de puissances. Le mode expert permet au cycliste le plus exigeant un choix de programmes de puissance pour les épreuves techniques ou des programmes écologiques pour les événements de plus longues distances. Les instructions complètes et détaillées sont fournies. Une batterie de grande capacité réalisée en Allemagne utilisant les meilleurs accumulateurs Panasonic peut être utilisé pendant 2,5 heures maximum, même à pleine puissance qui est peu probable d'être utilisé pour la plupart des coureurs. Le montage est simple grâce à un système éprouvé de joint torique et la boîte contient câble d'extension ainsi qu'une monture pour casque. Cet ensemble est livré complet avec notre garantie, sans disputes, de 2 ans, sur tous les composants.

  • Le luci MyTinySun sono il nostro marchio premium. Sono disegnate e costruite a mano in Germania, sono un tipico esempio dell’ingegneria tedesca al Massimo della qualitia’ dei component della tecnologia . Il modello 2700X ha un potere di 2700 Lumens. Ha 2 modalita’: semplice ed esperta. Quella semplice permette l’accesso base alla luminosita’ standard. La modalita’ esperta permette al ciclista di scegliere il tipo di programma second l’uso piu’ tecnico o eco ele distanze da percorrere.. E’ completo di manuale d’istruzioni .La batteria tedesca ad alta capacita’ usa le migliori cellule Panasonic che hanno una durata fino a 2 ore e mezzo, anche con la capacita’ massima che solitamente non viene usata da tutti i ciclisti. Il montaggio di questo set viene effettuato dal sistema “O”- ring e comprende il cavo estendibile e il casco di montaggio,. Questo faro ha una garanzia completa di 2 anni anche per tutti i componenti.

  • MyTinySun SPORTS 2700X LED lamp
  • 3 pieces O-rings for different pipe diameter for mounting the SPORT 2700X LED light
  • Battery Case with Li-Ion Battery 14 ,4 V - 5.8 Ah
  • Velcro to mount the battery case
  • Velcro cable ties to secure the wires / plugs
  • Rubber strip (scratch protection for your frame against rubbing marks from the battery case)
  • MyTinySun SPORT 2700X charger
  • Helmet mount - advanced
  • Extension cable 70cm
  • Manual
  • Lighthead: Triple LED Cree XM L-T6, selected light output up to 2700 lumens
  • Optics: 35mmtriple optics for a homogenous, uniform spot. (angle 20¡)
  • Lighting glass: tempered special glass and reflective
  • Housing and bracket: HQ anodized aluminium AlSi 1 MgMn CNC made, laser lettering
  • Water resistant (all parts) to standard IP67
  • Cable length: 40cm
  • Battery: Li-ion 18650 4S/2P max 5.8Ah / max 14.4V
  • 2 operation modes - simple (one switch step programme) and expert mode (6 switch steps programmes)
  • Up to 4 stage battery level indicator (depending on chosen programme)
  • Burn time at max output (2700 lumens) 2.5 hours, at 425 lumens approx 28 hours
  • Emergency light function. At minimum residual power, light switches automatically to 15% power.
  • SOS flash code
  • Off function - battery pack can, if required, remain connected to the light head without battery discharge
  • Temperature range: -20¡C + 60¡C
  • Head dimnensions: 43mm X 50mm
  • Battery case dimensions: 40mm X 60mm X 70mm
  • Cable length: 40cm
  • Head weight: 110gm
  • Battery case weight: 460gm
  • Li-ion battery charger: European design, CE certified, RoHS compliant
  • Only for SPORT 2700X
  • Battery Unit: Li-ion 14.4V
  • Input voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output voltage: 16.8VDC
  • Charge current: 1.2A max
  • Display control of charging by 1 LED
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Charger dimensions: 110 X 60 X 45mm
  • Cable length: 120cm
  • Weight: 250g

Magicshine uk offer a 24 month, no quibble warranty on all MyTinySun and Open Lights Systems products, based on the belief we should treat our customers the way we like to be treated.

7 day exchange if you change your mind

All we ask is that the item is returned in 'as new' condition with all accessories and the original box.

24 month warranty on all MyTinySun products.

Simply tell us what the problem is, quote your original invoice number (goods must have been purchased from

If you can't find the invoice number, don't panic, just give us a call on 01604 452423

We send out a replacement item with a returns label for the faulty item

All we ask is that you return the faulty item to us.

Magicshine uk - not just great products.

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