MyTinySun Pro 900X

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  • Designed specifically for emergency/blue light services
  • 900 lumens 
  • Totally waterproof connectors
  • IP68
  • Professional lights get no better
  • 2 year warranty

Please note we only have one GOLD coloured light left in stock, not red as depicted in the photo.  

Meet the MyTinySun Pro 900X. If you don't quite need 2700 lumens but demand the very best componentry and build quality, this is the bike light of choice. Designed and built in Germany, the MyTinySun Pro 900X delivers the goods when you need them - every time! Using only industrial grade components means the cable won't deteriorate no matter how many times you use your light. It also means using only the highest quality connectors, in fact every part of the Pro 900X is certifiedIP68. Is this a first in bike lights?


Mounting the Pro 900X to your bike couldn't be easier. 3 'O' rings are supplied as standard, ensuring the light fits comfortably to all size bars. The aluminium bracket also features a clamping aid to make mounting easier for those with weak fingers.


The Pro 900X comes with 2 modes, simple or programme. In simple, the light quite simply does what it says in the box and can be used in high or low mode. In programme mode, there's a range of 6 programmes for easier (eco) or more demanding (power) riding. Each will cycle through different power outputs, depending on your specific riding requirements and full, clear instructions are provided. The light can be bar mounted or helmet mounted, and we provide the extension cable and helmet mount for every light set.

In fact like all MyTinySun lights, the Pro 900X comes in a handy, robust case that will withstand most bump and knocks. The 4 stage battery level indicator can be viewed either on the LED behind the mode switch or through a very clever system within the main beam itself. This is perfect for helmet mounting when you can't see the light head but need to know remaining battery power. The emergency 'get you home' mode automatically reduces light power to 25% when the battery level reaches a critical stage. There's also an SOS function. If in trouble, simply press the switch for 6 seconds and the light will flash in SOS mode. It won't stop until the light head has been disconnected from the battery. The operation of the light is very flexible and it's even possible to leave the battery connected to the lamp without draining the battery through the switch LED.

Battery Power

The German made Open Light Systems battery is supplied as standard. This is a battery manufacturer that offers 100% weather protection, has passed a series of demanding tests with flying colours and uses only the finest Panasonic cells. It's rated at 8.4v, 5.8Ah to give the following ride times

  • 100% = 4 hours
  • 75% = 6 hours
  • 50% = 8 hours
  • 25% = 16 hours

Like all MyTinySun models, the Pro 900X is CE certified and RoHS compliant. When we looked for a premium brand to compliment the other lights in our range, we selected MyTinySun because, quite frankly, we couldn't find a light, at any price, that meets the quality of MyTinySun. Thats why we were delighted to become their exlusive distributor. Thats why we offer a 2 year, no quibble, warranty on all My Tiny Sun products.

Whats in the box

  • MyTinySun Pro 900X light head
  • Open Light battery 8.4V 5.8Ah
  • 3 'O' rings
  • MyTinySun UK charger (Euro adapter supplied for mainland Europe customers)
  • Velcro starps to attach battery to the bike frame
  • Rubber strips to prevent the battery bag chaffing your frame
  • Velcro ties to secure your cables
  • Helmet mount
  • 70cm extension cable
  • User instruction manual
  • MyTinySun Pro 900X light head
  • Open Light battery 8.4V 5.8Ah
  • 3 'O' rings
  • MyTinySun UK charger (Euro adapter supplied for mainland Europe customers)
  • Velcro starps to attach battery to the bike frame
  • Rubber strips to prevent the battery bag chaffing your frame
  • Velcro ties to secure your cables
  • Helmet mount
  • 70cm extension cable
  • User instruction manual

Lighting Unit:

  • Single LED light, LED Type: Seoul Semiconductors SSC P7-D bond,
  • Light output up to 900 lumens
  • Reflector Type: Aluminum, high quality mirror, "orange peel" structure for a homogeneous, uniform spot and a improved color temperature
  • Angle of the reflector: 16¡
  • Lighting glass: special glass, tempered and reflective
  • Housing and bracket: High quality anodized aluminum AlZnMgCu1, 5, CNC made, laser lettering
  • Water resistance: against spraying, splashing water and temporary immersion for industry standard: IP68
  • Cable length: 15 cm
  • Battery Type / Capacity / Voltage: Li-Ion, 18650, 2S/2P / 5.8 Ah / 7.2 V
  • Switching levels - Six programs that are available depending on the intended use
  • 4-stage battery level indicator, depending the chosen switching step program through automatic display on the RGB status LED (green, blue, orange, red,
  • In emergency light red pulsating, or from the main light, display is automatically set to use flashing codes (1x - 4x),
  • 100% power: about 4 hours burn time
  • 75% performance: approximately 6 hours burn time
  • 50% performance: 8 hours burn time
  • 25% performance: 16 hours burn time
  • No dark phase when switching through, rotating switching stages, the main light is gradually phased in without dark phases or dimmed to the next switching stage
  • Position light function activated by pressing 1 to 2 s.
  • Emergency light when the battery is low, when reaching a minimum residual capacity is automatically switched to 25% power.
  • SOS flash code from any operating mode by pressing a button> 6 s.
  • Rechargeable battery pack can remain permanently connected to the lamp
  • Temperature range: -20¡ C - +60¡ C
  • Dimensions of lamp: ÷ 43 mm, length 50 mm
  • Battery Case dimensions: 40 mm x 40 mm x 70 mm
  • Cable length: 40 cm
  • Light Weight: approx . 110 g
  • Battery Case Weight: 220 g
  • Li-Ion Battery Charger:
  • European design, CE certified, RoHS compliant
  • Only for Pro 900X battery pack: Li-Ion 7.2 V
  • Input voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Output voltage: 8.4 VDC
  • Charge current: 1.8 A max .
  • Display: control of charging by 1 LED
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Charger dimensions: 76 mm x 47 mm x 32 mm
  • Cable length: 120 cm
  • Weight: 110 g

Magicshine uk offer a 24 month, no quibble warranty on all MyTinySun and Open Lights Systems products, based on the belief we should treat our customers the way we like to be treated.

7 day exchange if you change your mind

All we ask is that the item is returned in 'as new' condition with all accessories and the original box.

24 month warranty on all MyTinySun products.

Simply tell us what the problem is, quote your original invoice number (goods must have been purchased from

If you can't find the invoice number, don't panic, just give us a call on 01604 452423

We send out a replacement item with a returns label for the faulty item

All we ask is that you return the faulty item to us.

Magicshine uk - not just great products.

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