MyTinySun Pro 2800X,

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  • Massive 2800 lumens
  • Flood beam, perfectly defined
  • Top end light for extreme conditions
  • 2 year warranty

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  • With CreeXM-L U2 LEDs this light throws out an unbelievable 2800 lumens. This light turns night into day, in fact a very bright day! The guys at MyTinySun are dedicated to 2 things; build quality and producing more lumens at affordable prices. We think they've succeeded. The beam throws out light at a wide angle, for an incredible length and is simply very bright!


    3 O rings are provided, making this an extremely quick and easy mounting operation to bars of any size.There's even a device to enable anyone with weaker fingers to mount their light comfortably. The light connects to the battery using a fully water resistant connection (IP67 standard), protects against water jets and temporary immersion). The battery is fully protected in the dedicated bag and is attached to the bike with both velcro and a strap. A helmet mount and extension lead are also provided to make the Pro 2800X a really versatile option.

    In use

    There are 2 modes to choose from, simple or expert mode.

    Simple modeis just that - simple! The light will give you high power or low power. Each power change is brought without any dark periods, the transition is smooth and totally stepless.

    Expert Modeis for more demanding conditions by more technical users. There are 6 programmes available, 2 Eco, 2 power and 2 programmes combining both Eco and power programmes. Full detailed instructions are provided. Remaining battery level can be seen either through the LED on the switch itself or by a clever use of the main beam itself. The LED switch can also be used as a rear positioning light with it's bright read LED. The Pro 2800X also features an emergency mode, reducing it's power to the minimum automatically when it detects the battery is almost empty. This will help ensure users reach their destination safely. On the subject of safety, there's also an SOS mode which, once activated, can only be stopped by disconnecting the light head from the battery.


    Being a premium quality manufacturer themselves, MyTinySun only use premium components and the Open Light Systems battery comes as standard. It's a 14.4V 5.8Ah battery which gives up to 2hrs 47 min run time on maximum output and over 32 hours on the lowest output. The battery can be upgraded to a higher capacity if required.

    Box Contents

    • 2800X Pro light head, producing up to 2800 lumens (nominal)
    • 3 O rings for mounting to different size handlebars
    • Battery case with lithium-ion, rechargeable, Open Light Systems battery, 14.4V, 5.8Ah
    • Velcro tape for mounting the battery
    • Velcro cable ties to fix the wires and connectors
    • Rubber strips to protect against scratching by the battery case
    • MyTinySun Pros 2800X UK charger (Euro charger for Euro customers)
    • Advanced helmet holder
    • 70cm extension cable
    • User manual and full instructions

  • MyTinySun lygterne er vores absolutte topmærke. Designet og håndlavet i Tyskland, og et eksempel på tysk kvalitet når det er aller bedst og med brug af kun de bedste materialer Model 2800X giver endnu mere power og kommer i et helt nyt desing skabt til at holde driftstemperaturen nede. Lygten kommer med to grundindstillinger, ’Simple’ og ’Expert’ Simple mode er netop – enkel! Lygten giver dig max power eller lav power. Skift mellem de to styrker sker uden mørk overgang og helt trinløst. Expert Mode er for mere krævende forhold og for den tekniske rytter. Der er 6 forskellige programmer til rådighed for enten power eller eco. Valget er dit! LED kontakten kan med sin klare røde LED også benyttes som baglygte. 2800X har også en nødfunktion som automatisk reducerer output niveauet til et minimum når batterikapaciteten bliver lav. Det giver sikkerhed for at nå i mål med lys på lygten. Hvad angår sikkerhed, så har lygten også en SOS mode, som – når den først er aktiveret – kun kan afbrydes ved at afbryde forbindelsen mellem lygte og batteri. Som det topmærke MyTinySun er så bruger de naturligvis også kun de bedste batterielementer, og the Open Light System batteri følger med som standard. Det er et 14,4V 5,8Ah batteri der giver op til 2 timer og 47 min drift på maksimum output og over 32 timer på laveste styrke. Batteriet kan opgraderes til et med endnu større kapacitet hvis det ønskes.

  • La lampe, MyTinySun notre haut de gamme. Conçue et fabriquée à la main en Allemagne, un exemple de l'ingénierie allemande en utilisant des composants et une technologie de qualité. Le modèle 2800X offre encore plus de puissance ainsi qu’ un nouveau boitier, conçu spécialement pour eviter une hausse de température. La lampe comprend 2 modes, simple et expert. Le mode simple est justement - simple! La lampe vous donnera une puissance soit élevée ou faible. La transition à chaque changement de puissance se fait en douceur et sans périodes sombres, la transition est totalement lisse. Le Mode Expert répond aux conditions les plus exigeantes pour les utilisateurs techniques. Il y a 6 programmes disponibles pour utilasition Puissance ou Eco. Le choix est le vôtre. Le commutateur LED peut également être utilisé en tant que feu rouge vif. Le Pro 2800X dispose également d'un mode d'urgence, ce qui réduit sa puissance au minimum automatiquement lorsqu'il détecte que la batterie est presque vide. Cela permettra de s'assurer que les utilisateurs arrivent à destination en toute sécurité. Sur le thème de la sécurité, il ya aussi un mode SOS qui, une fois activé, ne peut être arrêté qu’en coupant le courant entre la lampe et la batterie. En tant que fabricant de qualité haute gamme, MyTinySun n'utilise que des composants de qualité la Lumière Ouvrir la batterie Systems est fourni en standard. Il s'agit d'une batterie de 14,4 V 5.8Ah qui donne jusqu'à 2h 47 min de fonctionnement en puissance maximale et plus de 32 heures en puissance faible. La capacité de la batterie peut être augmenté si nécessaire.

  • Le luci MyTyniSun son oil nostro marchio premium. Sono disegnate e costruite a mano in Germania, sono un tipico esempio dell’ingegneria tedesca al suo massimo e la qualtia’ dei componenti e la tecnologia ne sono un esempio. Il Modello 2800Xoffre una potenzialita’ maggiore oltre che un nuovo design che permette di non surriscaldarsi. Questa luce ha 2 modalita’: semplice ed esperta. Quella semplice e’ veramente semplice! La luce potra’ avere una luminosita’ maggiore o minore. Questo cambiamento viene effettuato senza periodi di oscuramento, infatti la transizione avviene in modalita’ continua. La modalita’ Esperta e’ richiesta per le condizioni difficili da ciclisti piu’ esperti. Ci sono 6 programmi per l’uso Power or Eco. La scelta e’ tua. L’interruttore Led puo’ essere usato per il posizionamento della luce posteriore attraverso un Led rosso luminoso. Il Pro 2800X e’ dotato di una modalita’ di emergenza, ridurra’ infatti l’uso al minimo quando si rileva una diminuzione della batteria. Questo potra’ aiutare il ciclista a raggiungera’ la destinazione in maniera sicura. Per quanto riguarda la sicurezza, c’e’ inoltre un’altra modalita’ SOS che una volta attivata potra’ essere disattivata soltanto smontando il faro dalla batteria. Essendo questo un marchio Premium di qualita’, MyTinySun usa soltanto componenti speciali e il sistema Open Light System della batteria e’ incluso come standard. E’ una batteria 14.4V 5.8Ah e ha una capacita’ di 2ore 47 minuti usata al massimo o di 32 ore usata al minimo. La batteria puo’ essere incrementata con una di maggiori capacita’, se richiesto.

  • 2800X Pro light head, producing up to 2800 lumens (nominal)
  • 3 O rings for mounting to different size handlebars
  • Battery case with lithium-ion, rechargeable, Open Light Systems battery, 14.4V, 5.8Ah
  • Velcro tape for mounting the battery
  • Velcro cable ties to fix the wires and connectors
  • Rubber strips to protect against scratching by the battery case
  • MyTinySun Pros 2800X UK charger (Euro charger for Euro customers)
  • Advanced helmet holder
  • 70cm extension cable
  • User manual and full instructions
  • Lamp: Triple LED lamp
  • LED type: Cree XM-L U2
  • Light output: Up to nominal 2800 lumens
  • Optices: For a homogenous, uniform spot, 35mm angle 20¡
  • Lighting glass: Special glass, tempered and anti reflective coating
  • Housing and support: High quality anodised aluminium AlznMgCu 1,5 CNC machined, laser marking
  • Water resistance: Against spray, water spray and temporary immersion to industry standard IP67
  • Battery type: Capacity/power/weight/dimensions: Li-ion, 18650 4S/2P / 5.8Ah / V / 425gms / 40 x 70 x 70 mm
  • Operating time at maximum nominal output: approx 2hrs 47min
  • Operating time at minimal output: 32hrs 07min
  • 2 operational modes: Simple and Expert (see user manual)
  • 4 stage battery level indicator
  • 2 stage emergency light when the battery is low
  • SOS flash mode
  • Temperature range: -20¡ to + 60¡
  • Dimensions lamp: 43 x 43
  • Weight lamp: 110 gms
  • Battery charger: 14.4V CE certified, RoHS compliant
  • Input voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Output voltage: 16.8VDC max
  • Charging current: 2 A max
  • Charging time: 4 hrs
  • 2 year warranty

Magicshine uk offer a 24 month, no quibble warranty on all MyTinySun and Open Lights Systems products, based on the belief we should treat our customers the way we like to be treated.

7 day exchange if you change your mind

All we ask is that the item is returned in 'as new' condition with all accessories and the original box.

24 month warranty on all MyTinySun products.

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If you can't find the invoice number, don't panic, just give us a call on 01604 452423

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