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  • The ultimate head torch. Hand made with precision in Germany.
  • Up to 960 lumens (actual) with interchangeable lenses (supplied) to provide the beam of choice.
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities and comes complete with all the accessories you'll need.
  • German design and build, quality as standard.
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  • 2.9Ah battery

    2.9Ah battery

  • 5.8Ah battery

    5.8Ah battery

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  • The team from MyTinySun have done it again!

    The Head 1000 Pro is a stylish, powerful and beautifully made head torch which ranks as the best we've seen. Made in Germany, the light comes with everything you may need for use in different situations. It's fully water resistant to IP67 standards and comes complete with an Open Light Systems battery, also from Germany, as standard. The head unit itself has a unique aero fin design to maximise cooling.

    Options For Mounting

    The Head 1000 Pro comes on a fully adjustable and comfortable speciallly designed headband. The GoPro fitment allows easy and quick adjusment of the light head to the exact angle you need and will not slip round out of place. The battery fits to the rear of the headband and the remote control power button sits neatly on the side. The unit is therefore self contained and worn this way there is no need for extension cables, or for pockets to keep the battery in, Also provided are a custom helmet mount and O rings, both for bike use, as well as an extension lead.

    This light is now supplied as standard with a GoPro spare parts grab bag to allow a full range of mounting options.

    In Use

    The Head 1000 Pro light head is extremely light, weighing in at just 55gms and it comes with 2 modes, simple and expert.

    Simple mode does what it says and gives you high power or low power option. Changing between these options takes place smoothly and steplessly with no dark phases when changing power output.

    Expert mode is more for technical use and offers the user a range of 6 programmes to choose from, power/eco, high, medium, and low settings etc. In this mode it's a sophisticated lamp for sophisticated, demanding and professional users. The Head 1000 Pro is supplied with 3 lenses. The standard optic has a 17¡ (clear) beam angle but also supplied are two additional lenses; a medium beam 31¡ degree lens as well as an elliptical beam lens. This really becomesyourlight foryourrequirements. We use this lamp ourselves using the lens supplied as standard and without doubt, it's the best we've seen. The Head 1000 Pro features an SOS mode and, once activated, this can only be stopped by disconnecting the light head from the battery. When the battery is low, output will reduce to the lowest level automatically, helping to ensure you reach your destination safely.

    The lumens output is actual (measured) rather than theoretical.


    There is a programmable additional mode in which learned gestures (head nodding, head shaking etc) can turn the power up or down, making this perhaps the first truly hands free head torch. A real safety feature is the in-built acceleration sensor which will detect a fall, a crash etc and automatically activate the SOS mode There is also an in-built sensor in the remote control unit which, once activated, will automatically detect deteriorating light conditions and activate your light.Please phone for further information including price.


    All MyTinySun products come with Open Light Systems batteries ie quality comes as standard! Using only the very best Panasonic cells, coupled with Open Light's reputation for quality, safety, reliability as well as longivity, the user is assured there are no weaknesses in the components of this light. The battery supplied is 7.2V, 2.9Ah giving a full power maximum run time of 1hr 53 min. At 220 lumens run time is 13 hr 55 mins. As an option we can also supply a 5.8Ah battery which gives maximum run time of 3 hrs 47 min at max power, and 27 hrs 50 min at 220 lumens.

    Bonita says

    "An Ultra event customer told me today this is probably the best bit of kit he's ever bought. He's surprised he's never heard of the name MyTinySun before. We're trying Colin! In the meantime, if you need a lightweight high power head torch, look no further".

    Whats In The Box

    • Head 1000 Pro LED lamp using Cree XM-L U2 Cree LED
    • Remote control unit
    • 3 O rings and advanced helmet mount and head bands for all uses
    • Open Light Systems battery, 7.2V 2.9Ah
    • Additional 2 lenses to achieve bespoke beam pattern of your choice
    • Velcro tape to mount the battery
    • Velcro cable ties to fix the cables and connectors
    • Rubber strips to prevent the battery scratching your bike frame
    • MyTinySun Head 1000 Pro UK charger (Euro charger for Euro customers)
    • Advanced helmet mount
    • Advanced head band
    • 70cm extension cable
    • GoPro helmet mount
    • 2 year warranty

  • MyTinySun lygterne er vores topmærke. Designet og håndlavet i Tyskland, og et eksempel på tysk kvalitet når det er aller bedst og med brug af kun de bedste materialer. Introduktionen af denne lygte åbner en helt ny dimension indenfor lygter til cykler med en maksimal ydelse langt over 3000 lumen. Vi er overbevist om, at 3600X er den kraftigste og bedste cykellygte som er tilgængelig på markedet i øjeblikket. Fra de to lygtehoveder samlet i et lækkert designede kabinet smider de to Cree XM-L U2 LEDs en mængde lys ud. Vi har været længe nok i markedet til at have set rigtig meget kraftigt lys, men aldrig med en styrke og intensitet som ses i denne brede men alligevel kontrollede stråle. Vores eneste bekymring er, at har du først prøvet denne lygte, så vil intet andet længere være godt nok! For at håndtere så meget energi, så er enheden designet med køleribber på alle sider for at give så meget køling som muligt. Batteriet er fuldstændig vandtæt efter IP67 standarden, og er en open Light Systems model (14.4V, 5.8Ah) som kan levere energi til 2 timer og 11 minutters maksimal drift. Alt tilbehør er i kassen som rummer bruger manual, forlængerkabel, hjelm montering, lader m.m. Vi tilbyder desuden tre forskellige udskiftelige paraboler, så lysstrålen kan tilpasses individuelt. Lygten leveres naturligvis med en 2 års ’ingen bøvl’ garanti på alle komponenter.

  • Les lampes MyTinySun sont notre marque haut de gamme. Conçues et fabriquées à la main en Allemagne, elles sont un exemple de l'ingénierie allemande à son meilleur avec des composants et une technologie de qualité. Le Head Pro 1000 est une lampe frontale élégante et puissante et se classe comme la meilleure que nous ayons vu. Ce modèle est livré avec un bandeau réglable et la batterie allemande Open Light est équipée d’une pochette dédiée à l'arrière. L'appareil est donc autonome sans besoin de câbles d'extension ou de poches pour les batteries. C’est l’idéal pour les coureurs, les cyclistes et les amateurs d'escalade. Elle est imperméable aux normes IP67 et avec une masse de 55gms, elle est très légère. La lampe est conçue pour les utilisateurs les plus sophistiqués avec un choix d’utilisation écologiques ou de puissance. L'angle de rayonnement est déterminée par l'utilisateur qui a un choix de 3 lentilles interchangeables pour faisceaux illumination ou spot ou une combinaison des deux. La batterie est fournie par la société allemande Open Light Systems et comprend les meilleurs accumulateurs Panasonic et même à pleine puissance la batterie standard dure pendant près de 2 heures. Avec une réduction de puissance la durée peut se porter à plus de 13 heures. Cet ensemble est fourni complet avec notre garantie sans dispute de 2 ans sur tous les composants.

  • Le luci MyTyniSun sono il nostro marchio premium. Sono disegnate e costruite a mano in Germania, sono un tipico esempio dell’ingegneria tedesca al suo massimo e la qualita’ dei componenti e la tecnologia ne sono un esempio. La Head 1000Pro e’ una torcia potente e ben disegnata che si colloca ai vertici del settore. Questo modello include una fascia regolabileuna batteria Open Light in una tasca posteriore made in germany. Questa unita’ e’ autonoma e non ha bisogno di cavi estensibili o altre tasche. E’ l’ideale per corridori, ciclisti, e scalatori. E’ impermeabile a IP67 e pesa appena 55 grammi. Questa torcia e’ stata ideata per clienti piu’ sofisticati con una scelta di eco o power. L’angolazione del faro e’ determinante da chi ne fa uso attraverso la scelta di 3 differenti lenti. La batteria e’ rigorosamente fornita dalla societa’ tedesca Open Light Systems che usa le migliori batterie Panasonic ed anche allla massima Potenza ha una durata di 2 ore. Riducendo la Potenza si potra’ raggiungere una capacita’ di 13 ore. Questo set include una garanzia completa di 2 anni anche per i suoi componenti.

  • Single LED lamp
  • LED type: Cree XM-L select U2
  • Light output: up to nominal 960 lumens
  • OIptics for homogenous, uniform spot
  • Optics: 20mm, angle 17¡, 31¡¡ and elliptical
  • Glass: Special glass, tempered with anti reflective coating
  • Housing and support: High quality anodised aluminium, AlZnMgCu 1,5, CNC machined, laser marking
  • Water resistance: Against spray, water spray and temporary immersion to IP67
  • Battery type/capacity/power/weight/domensions: Li-ion 18650 2S / 1P / 2.9Ah / 7.2V / 110gms / 20 X 40 X 70 mm
  • Operating time at maximum output: 1 hr 53 min
  • Operating time at minimum output: 13 hrs 50 min
  • 2 operational modes: Simple and Expert (see user manual)
  • 4 stage battery level indicator
  • 2 stage emergency light when the battery is low
  • Temperature range: -20¡ to + 60¡
  • Lamp dimensions: 38 X 23 mm
  • Light weight: 55gms
  • Battery charger: 2 V European style, CE certified, RoHS compliant 7.2V
  • Input voltage: 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output voltage: 8.4VDC max
  • Charge current: 1.8 A max
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Dimensions: 76 X 47 X 32 mm
  • Weight: 110 gms

Magicshine uk offer a 24 month, no quibble warranty on all MyTinySun and Open Lights Systems products, based on the belief we should treat our customers the way we like to be treated.

7 day exchange if you change your mind

All we ask is that the item is returned in 'as new' condition with all accessories and the original box.

24 month warranty on all MyTinySun products.

Simply tell us what the problem is, quote your original invoice number (goods must have been purchased from

If you can't find the invoice number, don't panic, just give us a call on 01604 452423

We send out a replacement item with a returns label for the faulty item

All we ask is that you return the faulty item to us.

Magicshine uk - not just great products.

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  1. The best head torch! Review by Andy

    Pound for Pound by far the best head torch money can buy! This very very bright but on top of that it's easy to use, comfortable, very well made and light weight considering the battery power. I was extreamly impressed with the customer service. Ordered at 3:15 pm and then phoned to ask when it would arrive and was told they would get it posted special delivery so I could do a night run the next day! If you run off-road at night you need this head torch. FACT. (Posted on 29/08/2013)

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