MyTinySun Folkslight Pack of replacement lenses

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  • Pack of 3 lenses for Folkslight
  • 17°, 31° and 46° (elliptical)
  • Offers users the opportunity build a bespoke lamp.
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This is a 3 lens pack of lenses for the MyTinySun Folkslight.

The 3 pack includes 17°, 31° and 46° (elliptical) lenses.

This offers users an unparalled choice of beam selection. The standard lenses supplied with the lens are 17° and 46° (elliptical). However buying this pack allows any combination. The light itself allows you to select single or twin beams so effectively you can create your own bespoke beam combination.

Another example of why this is the Volkslicht, Folkslight (or the people's light!).

Pack of 3 different optics for MyTinySun Folkslight

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