Magicshine MJ-886 550 lumen Head Torch

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  • Extremely powerful 550 lumen head torch.
  • Lightweight - ideal for runners or helmet mounted for cyclists
  • Adjustable lighthead and beam angle to meet your precise needs.
  • Remote power output switch - easy adjustment whilst running.
  • Variable output to extend run times.
  • Run time 2 hours max on full power.
  • 3 power settings

This fabulous new running light from Magicshine has many new features for runners of all disciplines.

At 550 lumens (actual) which, for a running light, is normally unheard of in lights costing less than £100. It has a self contained battery pouch so everything you need to use the light 'out of the box' is present. It also has some unique features, made all the more remarkable for a light at this price point.

If you happen to cycle at night too, then this light doubles up as a helmet light by using the two adjustable velcro straps included in the price. Perfect


The headband is adjustable and sits in the position of your choice on your head. The battery is conatined in a pouch attached to the headband so no other accessories are required. The MJ-886 also comes with specially designed straps to allow ease of use when helmet mounted. Making for a very versatile addition to the Magicshine stable.


This is a comfortable light set to wear on your head, super comfy to run with and our feedback is that it is especially comfortable up front. It has a stretchy headband which is also taught eaning that there are absolutely no issues with stability

In Use

The light comes with a remote control power switch/battery level indicator. This can be comfortable be attached to your clothing to make it easy to look at the remaining battery output as well as adjusting output according to cnditions. However the light output can be adjusted by using the control on the light itself if you prefer

The MJ-886 is extremely powerful and with a measured output of 550 lumens compares extremely well, especially at this price level ie below £100. We have yet to find an output/cost combination of this quality that matches the MJ-886

The angle of the lighthead itself can be adjusted to meet your precise needs depending on the terrain, brightness levels etc. This is a very flexible light.

The 2 x 18650 Lithium ion batteries are easily rechargeable using the USB charger included in the price and charging time is 3 hours. The lifespan of the LED is an amazing 50,000 hours.

  • MJ-886 Headlamp
  • Push button remote switch
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Battery 2 x 18650 Li-on battery
  • Helmet strap
  • USB Charger
  • Light source 3 x SSC Z5
  • 550 lumens
  • LED lifespan 50,000 hours
  • Shell material 6061-T6 Aluminium alloy
  • Surface treatment Type III hard-anodized anti abrasive finish + chrome plating
  • Working modes - HIgh medium and Low
  • Battery 2 x 18650 Li-on battery
  • battery life 500 charge cycles
  • Run time 2 hours @ 100% brightness
  • Charging time 3 hours
  • Waterproof grade IPX4

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  1. Nice ProductGreat li Review by Sanjay

    Nice ProductGreat light. I kayak fish with it and the ability to asujdt light strength is great. I have even gigged a few flounder with this light as well. Would definitely recommend to a friend. (Posted on 06/11/2014)

  2. Look no further ... Super headlamp for "bargain" price Review by Nuttysporter

    Magicshine headlamp MJ 886 review

    After unboxing it and connecting the battery cable to the headlamp I could immediately turn it on so no direct charge is necessary ..... nice. Of course it's not full but now you play with and recharge it later (around 25 % charge).
    And how did I know about the "25 % " .... this headlamp comes with it's own sort of remote control ..... it's a extension cable you can put between the battery pack and headlamp and it has 3 little green lights that will give you a reading from 100%, 50% and 25 % battery life. Further more it's main feature is it on / off button ( and brightness selector : high - mid- low ) I found the 550 lumen enough for all my activities ..... I recently used a 1000 lumen lamp but found out that it became very hot and after 22min. it switched automatically in a lower mode . I never experienced this problem with the Magicshine 886.
    My initial thought's where that you can charge it via a usb. But unfortunately that's not the case and you have to use the charger from the box. That's not a great problem but it was nice to see a usb charger for when you are in the great outdoors and only have a usb battery pack or car battery for a fill up / recharge. But the main problem here that it's a high powered battery ( there are two 18650 battery's inside) so it will take forever via usb. And now it will charge around 3 hours from empty to full.
    I used it on my evening / night runs ( until now 11x) with the full head strap on the first 4 times. After that dismantling the top strap for 4 times and switching back for the last 3 times with the top head strap. I used it on the same 17 km route every time ( it took me between 1 hour 18 and 1.45) and during this I switched between all the 3 modes (high - middle- low). The battery indicator only ones showed me a 50 % level. On paper it says 2 hours on high beam and I think that will be accurate. But in normal day live you never use only high beam so expect more hours of joy.
    Furthermore I used it during my evening / morning bike rides. The first times on my helmet ( the first time installing took a little bit of time) but as I not wear my helmet during a bike commute I put it on my head or on the handlebars. On a note ... in the Netherlands it's not allowed to wear a headlamp on public streets while cycling. When you put the headlamp on the handlebars you can hold the remote control in one hand or wrap it around the handlebar. Now you can very easy switch between modes .... or easy click it off when there is oncoming traffic.
    While the headlamp it self's is very light the battery pack isn't so light ( also not very heavy I me ad) you have to get used to wearing it. And if you detached the top head strap you can get more movement from the battery and thus movement from the headlamp. You have to find out your selves what's best for you.
    You can't unfortunately detached the battery pack from the head strap ( at least not in my case). A solution for this is to cut a little peace from the 2 loops just like on top of the battery pack /lamp. And then there is another problem ...... there is no extension cable so you can't put the headlamp on and the battery pack in you pocket / backpack. The cable is to short for this.
    - Small and light (weight)unit .... especially when you detached the battery
    - long battery life ( depends on what beam you choose of course)
    - not so expensive ( in comparison with other brands / specs)
    - Battery level indicator
    - (cable) remote control.
    - 90 Degree downwards angle for map reading

    - No easy detachable battery ( I liked to see notches in the battery pack just as on the headlight)
    - no dial for switching between wide or focus beam
    - Only 3 step battery level indicator .... more lights would give you a better indication on running time.
    - Battery level indicator is on remote so you have to wear it if you want to see the battery level. Maybe indicators on the battery itself ( and in red for sort of small rear light ?) would be better.

    Recommendations for upgrade / getting it from 4 to 5 stars
    - Notches in battery pack for easy strap disassemble
    - Extension cable in different sizes ( example ... to put battery in backpack or on bike frame)
    - extension mount for handlebar. Love to see a GoPro mount
    - Battery level indicator on battery pack
    - 2nd battery pack or special cable for uses of other magicshine batteries

    Magicshine has a real winner with this headlamp. A lot of good product for your money. (Posted on 14/10/2013)

  3. An excellent product. Review by troon25

    I fully endorse the previous comprehensive review. Another excellent product from magicshine. (Posted on 24/09/2013)

  4. A very good value High performance piece of kit Review by Matt Heason

    20th Sep 2013
    A while back I tested a Magic Shine MJ880 bike light. I was impressed. It was very bright, well made, light weight and affordable to boot. So I had high expectations of this head torch.

    First off it's not as bright as the bike light, but that's not to say that it matters. It gives 550 Lumens which by current standards doesn't appear to be a great deal, but the reality is that it's more than ample for running. Maybe it's the colour of the light? I don't know, but it seems as bright as other lamps I've used which pump out 1,000 Lumens, and is easier to use. The head unit which contains 6 LEDs is a nicely designed bit of kit reminiscent of a miniature jet engine in looks, but a great deal smaller. There's a single button on the top. One press for full power, a second for medium power, a 3rd for low, and a fourth to tun the thing off. No long-pressing for different modes, just a simple click-through action. My one issue is that there is no battery level indicator. However, the torch does come with an extension cord that plugs into the main cable on your head and allows you to put a clip on your jacket or waist band and control the thing from there. This remote features three green LEDs labeled 25%, 50% and 100% indicating the level of charge left in the battery. Personally I would have liked to see this included in the main headtorch for the times I decide to use t without the extension, but it's a nice feature nonetheless, and a bit more intuitive than indicating the charge level via a number of flashes of the main torch.

    The battery is where the torch really scores. It not much bigger than a Mars Bar and so sits comfortably on the back of the head without much movement, even whilst running. The strapping is pretty standard - elasticated, and comprising one strap over the top and a second around the sides, all adjustable with plastic buckles. Charge wise I've not had any issues with the thing running out on me. Burn time (or full power) is 2 hours, longer for medium and low power. The charger is compact and works well, giving a full charge in three hours. The battery connects to the head unit via a neat plastic coupling which you connect and then twist to lock. This is where you put the extension if you are using it. The whole thing comes with a nice felt bag which will most likely prolong the lifespan of the torch as it's shoved in and out of rucksacks and saddle bags, as well as stop you from losing the extension!

    Retailing at £89.94 it's a very good value high performance piece of kit.

    (Posted on 20/09/2013)

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