Magicshine MJ-880 2000 lumens flood beam bike light

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  • 2000 lumen bike light
  • 5 power settings
  • Designed for off road and MTB
  • Wide flood beam 
  • Endurance 6.6Ah battery as standard
  • 15 hours run time on lowest setting 
  • 2.3 hours run time 100% setting 
  • 4.5 star rating from MBUK 3 years running

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  • "Magicshine's MJ-880 has had many editions over the last few years but this latest upgraded model (Sept 2014) with it's twin cree XM L2 LED's is an outstanding combo of compact head size, powerful, versatile beam and an absolute bargain price." It won best bike light in MBUK's Group Test issue 282 October 2012, and 'Best Bike Light' again in 2013, this year (2014) the MJ-880 got the highest star rating of 4.5 and was pictured in a state of mud splattered glory showing just how popular it is with the testers. Guy Kesteven is known to use this light on a daily basis - it's definitely a winner where all the testers are concerned and with our customers too!


    The lighthead itself is suprisingly compact and easily small enough to be helmet mounted. There are several features about this design we really like including the mounting system, the battery casing and the robust connectors. The switch is top mounted and very intuitive making it a cinch to use.


    The MJ-880 attaches to the bars using the y shaped rubber talon. There's a single hook at the back and the rubber strap is adjustable, making it suitable for almost any size bars and its quick and easy but gives a super strong mount. The battery attaches in the same way with 2 chunky adjustable rubber straps that hold tight to your bars.


    The battery is a heavy duty , 6 X 18650 cell ( 6600Ah lithium ion) design. Running time at full power is around 2.3 hours but can be extended considerably by switching to a lower output on less tricky trails or when you're struggling uphil!!. The battery, which clearly doesn't need a protective bag, is attached to the frame using 2 adjustable rubber straps.NB: The charger supplied cannot be used with other batteries neither can any existing chargers or any other connectors be used with this battery.


    This is a fabulous light in use. It offers a bright, wide beam with clear edges but with a very strong, long throw beam out in front. This is a light that turns night into day!

    But don't take our word for it, here's what MBUK said about the beam in their 2012 group test (issue 282 Oct 2012) and to cap it all it's been upgarded twice since then

    "Our light beam shots confirmed the on trail impression that it matches far more expensive lights in performance terms. The beam is really well balanced, deep reaching but wide enough to put twisty singletrack in well lit context with no eye-tiring black spots or other optical flaws."


    The MJ-880 is a very easy light to use. The clicky switch is top mounted and also illuminated by a colour coded LED which reflects the amount of charge remaining.

    • Green = 100 - 70%
    • Blue = 70 - 40%
    • Red = 40 - 10%
    • Flashing Red = less than 10%

    Pressing the left side of the switch starts the light on it's lowest setting (10%). The click the right side to scroll through intermediate power levels (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%). To reduce power simply select the left side of the switch. If you wish to start at full power, just press the right hand side of the switch. To turn the light off, just press either side of the switch for approx 2 seconds. When the light head has been connected to the battery but not switched on, each light head emits a surprisingly bright green glow we think it's rather cool! The MJ-880 light also includes a circuit protection board with over charge, over discharge and short circuit protection. In the event the light head surface gets too hot, the output will automatically be reduced.

    Bonita Says

    Chris and I couldn't believe this light when we first used it. It's just so bright - a bit like the MJ-872 in that it has a flood beam but it's just so bright and so long. This was our best selling light in 2012, 2013 and 2014 it's easy to see why"

  • Magicshine’s længe ventede 2000 lumen lygte er på banen ! For de fleste ryttere er det alt det lys du nogensinde vil få brug for. Lygten der har alt. Den er overraskende kompakt og rummer 2 lyskilder i samme enhed på den halve størrelse af MJ-816. Den er lille og let nok til at kunne monteres på hjelmen. Lygtehovedet monteres på styret med en Y gummirem som kan justeres og anvendes til alle størrelser styr. Batteriet med høj kapacitet monteres på samme måde. Batteriet er med 6 celler på i alt 6,6Ah som giver ca. 2,3 timers driftstid selv ved maksimal output. Den er let og intuitiv at anvende, og omskifteren har LED farvekoder, som advarer rytteren om et lavt batteriniveau. Lygten leveres komplet med vores 12 måneders 'ingen brok' garanti.

  • Magicshine, très attendu de 2000 lumens est arrivée ! Pour la plupart des cyclistes, c'est toute la lumière dont vous aurez besoin, la lumière qui a tout. Sa taille compacte est surprennante, mais elle comprend 2 têtes d'éclairage en une seule unité avec environ la moitié de la taille d'un MJ-816. La lampe est assez petite et assez légère pour être monté sur un casque. La lampe est montée sur le guidon à l'aide d'une sangle caoutchouc en forme Y réglable pour toutes tailles de guidon, et la batterie haute capacité est fixée de la même manière. La batterie elle-même est d’un concept à haute capacité de 6 cellules de 6.6Ah qui peut fonctionner pendant environ 2,3 heures, même à pleine puissance. Le faisceau est fabuleux. Il dispose d'un large etendu avec des bords bien définis, avec un faisceau distinct, long, blanc et brillant. Elle transforme la nuit en jour! Très facile et intuitif à utiliser et le commutateur est codée par des LED couleurs à l'intérieur pour avertir l'utilisateur du niveau de la batterie. La lampe comprend en plus également une garantie de 12 mois, sur tous les composants, sans disputes.

  • Finalmente il faro Magicshie da 2000 lumens e’ arrivato!! Per la maggior parte di ciclisti questa e’ l’unica luce di cui avrete bisogno, perche’ possiede tutto. E’ molto compatta ma possiede 2 luci in una singola unita’ e misura la meta’ di una MJ-816. E’ piccola e leggera cosi da poter essere montata su un casco. La luce e’ montata sul manubrio attraverso un sistema a Y di gomma e a strappo che puo’ essere adattato per tutte le misure, il sistema di batteria ad altacapacita’ e’ attaccato allo stesso modo. La stessa batteria ha una capacita’ di 6 Cell 6.6Ah che puo’ avere una durata fino a 2.3 ore, anche con la massima luminosita’. Il faro e’ fantastico. Ha un’ampia luminosita’ e una forma decisa con un fanale bianco billante; trasforma veramente la notte in giorno! E’ semplice da usare e l’interruttore ha un sistema Led che avvisera’ il ciclista il livello della batteria. Questa luce include 12 mesi di garanzia tutto compreso.

  • MJ-880 2000 lumens light head
  • 6 cell 18650 lithium ion 6600Ah battery for extended run times
  • UK charger
  • Velcro cable tie to keep cables safe and out of harms way
  • Full user manual including sections on mounting, light usage, battery care and tech specs.
  • Light Source: 2 X Cree XM-L2 LED
  • Luminous flux: 2000 lumens (manufacturers claim)
  • LED LIfespan: 50,000 hours
  • Battery Pack: 6 X 18650 cells 8.4V/6.6Ah liuthium ion battery
  • Charge time: 3.5 hours
  • Run time: 2.3 hours (max output)
  • High quality and high efficiency optical lens
  • Top mounted button for easy operation
  • New design rubber belt for easy mount and removal
  • 6061 -T6 Aluminium alloy housing, anodised anti-abrasive finish
  • Overheat protection, over charge protection and low battery warning
  • Size: l = 58mm X W 49mm X H 45mm NB: The charger supplied cannot be used with other batteries neither can any existing chargers be used with this battery.

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  1. Exellent value for money Review by Jayz58

    I bought the MJ-880 to replace a broken MJ-808.

    * Supremely powerful at 100%
    * Great side to side coverage
    * Solid mounting on handlebars (Feels better than O rings)
    * Great price
    * Fantastic customer service

    * Small buttons are hard to operate with gloves
    * Turning off the light leaves on lights to help you find the light in the dark (apparently) which drains the battery when the light is not in use. Therefore you need to disconnect the light after use. Connecting and disconnecting the cables is not recommended as it can damage the wiring. This was the cause of the failure of my 808.

    The best light available for the money. I will always buy MagicShine (Posted on 18/03/2015)

  2. Enlightening.... Review by Joe Willard

    What can I say, all of the reviews are true! I got this light after some internet research and I am not disappointed. I wanted to do some winter mountain biking and cycle training and this fitted the rough lumin/cost ratio. It offers a great beam that lights up a lot of the forest, and helps see potential obstacles a long way ahead. It is powerful, battery life is good, and is value for money. I also ended up buying the mj872, which has a more focused beam and fits onto my cycle helmet, the combination is brilliant. Customer service is also great, very happy with my purchases, 5 stars from me. (Posted on 20/12/2014)

  3. Would have given this light 5 stars, but Review by Steph

    Would have given this light 5 stars, but there's a couple of issues , it is almost impossible to operate the buttons with winter gloves on, I have to stop to change the power levels, also the rubber straps are a bit on the flimsy side. apart from that tip top! (Posted on 12/02/2014)

  4. The lights are absolutely superlative Review by Donal Caddye

    I bought an MJ-880 and MJ-818 lights off you last September! I must say without doubt they are the best lights I ever rode with or even drove with. I started to work evenings with a shift pattern of 5:30 pm to 2am 5 days a week and I have no fears about riding at night.

    The lights are absolutely superlative. I was riding along the other night when I met a “salmon” (riding against the flow) on the cycle lane dressed in black , no lights , with a black MTB. If I had normal lights I would have seriously injured him. Instead I had him spied 50m away and able to give him the shock of his life. What a Cupid Stunt…..!

    Its that sort of safety aspect that is often overlooked.. I definitely would be wary about riding with normal cheapo lights now.

    Its one year on and the lights are just as powerful and the battery life is definitely the same as it always was. Charge time is identical. The lights have been used near enough every night since I got them and the performance has not diminished one single bit…

    A small issue I had with the MJ-880 was sorted in double quick time so a big Thank you for that ..

    Pass this on to your potential customers as I would have no qualms telling anyone just how bloody good the Magicshine lights are..

    Thanks and Regards

    (Posted on 19/09/2013)

  5. Amazing lighting power Review by Tolga Cimen

    Amazing lighting power. I used to have 900lumen Magic shine. But with this 2000lumen, the 900 lumen one makes no difference at all. Having MJ-880 on the helmet was a better setup since there wasn't much space on the high rise handlebar. If you already have decent light and thinking to upgrade...don't waste time on looking for expensive options, MJ-880 is the answer. (Posted on 29/08/2013)

  6. Impressed Review by John Tait

    Have been suitably impressed with this light, even on the lowest power setting this light is often substantially brighter than friends £200 lights.

    Burn time is good, a recent 1hr20min test proved that they could run on high output for the duration of the ride and were prefect for downhill in the dark at Aston Hill. For longer (less intense) rides where full power won't be need, I suspect that they will last 2hrs+.

    Weather sealing on these lights appears to be good, whilst I haven't tested them in a heavy downpour yet, the battery and light unit look like they will stand up to the heaviest UK weather.

    Next on my list is a MJ-808 for mounting on my Helmet!
    (Posted on 29/08/2013)

  7. Lasted over 4 hours! Review by John Tait

    Yet to take this on a ride, but I have just done a burn test and the thing lasted over 4 hours!! I'll update later after a night ride tonight.. (Posted on 29/08/2013)

  8. Extremely good Review by Martin tomkinson

    I've had the mj 872 for awhile now so I had no reservations about purchasing the latest light from magicshine. I've done a couple of rides with the mj 880 and it's brilliant, fabulous, extremely good when you've got most of its competitors 3 times more expensive making it the best light you'll ever buy. Just because it's cheaper than most please don't waste your hard earned on more expensive lights when I know these light are excellent value for money. Regards scoobymart (Posted on 29/08/2013)

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