MJ-6062 Headband for Magicshine bike lights

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  • Magicshine MJ-6062 Headband
  • New design, multi adjustable
  • Neoprene and elastic for comfort 
  • Compatible with all Magicshine lights 
  • Enables multiple activities with your bike light
  • Great for fishing, running, skiing at night
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Magicshine's newly designed MJ-6062 headband/strap offers a better fit and more adjustability than the original.  This clever little addition to the range, allows your bike light to be used as a head torch, freeing your hands, for any number of outdoor sports and nightime activities, for instance - night fishing, running, orienteering, camping, caving, skiing, you name it this will enable you to do any job at night with your trusty bike light. The beauty of this model is that you have a small amount of adjustable angle for your lamp head, meaning it allows you to point the light head further down towards the floor if necessary or upwards to give a longer beam. 

To be totally versatile, we would recommend that you also purchase the relevant 1m extension cable for your bike light to enable you to put your battery somewhere out of the way too, for instance in your pocket or rucksack.   Please see either the MJ-6066 or the MJ-6016.   

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