Magicshine Monteer + SEEMEE60 integrated battery package

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  • Monteer 1400 lumen front bike light
  • SEEMEE60 60 lumen rear light
  • Both with integrated battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • No wires
  • Brilliant for commuters   

Magicshine Monteer and SEEMEE60 package

Magicshine Monteer front bike light and SEEMEE60 rear bike light in one easy to use package. Here at Magicshine UK we want to offer you the best packages available and so have teamed the fabulous Magicshine Monteer with the innovative SEEMEE 60 for our first integrated battery front and rear bike light package. 

The Monteer throws out an excellent 1400 actual lumens and has proved to be one of our most popular lights of 2017.  We were blown away with both the spread and throw of the beam which would take some beating in a light with an integral battery or a seperate one come to that.  The beauty of the Monteer is that you can use just one or both batteries which are both rechargeable and replaceable.  No cold hands pulling wires apart to recharge these babies, just plonk them on your desk and recharge with the USB port.  Then we come on to the fabulous SEEMEE60 rear light, again it has a integral lithium ion battery rechargeable via USB.  It's clever too with its own sensors that ensure the rear light gets brighter as you brake, a great safety feature. 

For full details of the Monteer please see the following link 

For full details of the SEEMEE60 please see the following link 

Now you can purchase both these lights in a package to make them even cheaper.   

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