MJ-908 + MJ-902 Extreme Bike light Combo

  • MJ-908 8000 lumen bike light
  • MJ-902 2000 lumen bike light
  • MJ-6058 helmet mount
  • The Extreme Bike Light Package
The Magicshine UK Extreme bike light package. We've designed this package for the extreme MTB rider, someone who needs to test the extremes of riding at night, both in terms of endurance and skill. This combination of lights is not meant to be used to pootle along a disused railway track or around the local farmers fields. This is for real 'off road' serious mountain bike trails downhill at night in the middle of nowhere. If that's what you're looking for then this is the package for you. The MJ-908 8000 lumen light for your bars and the MJ-902 2000 lumen light for your helmet, offering great depth of vision along with excellent width and length so you really can see everything necessary to challenge yourself with the most dangerous of trails at night. Cut and paste the following links to see each light individually - but cost wise you're better buying the package as we shaved as much off as we can to give you everything at the best possible price. and
MJ-908 + MJ-902 + helmet mount

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  1. just great Review by great

    simply great lights guys (Posted on 19/09/2016)

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