Magicshine MJ-906B bluetooth smart USB bike light APP version

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  • 3200 actual lumens
  • Power settings customised by APP 
  • 1% to 100% output - you choose
  • customised flash modes
  • 1.2 hours run time at 100% output
  • USB rechargeable
  • 5.8Ah 7.4V newly designed smart battery   

The MJ-906B APP version is a brand new, smart and innovative, USB rechargeable bike light from Magicshine with an actual output of 3200 lumens from 5 CREE XM-L2 LED with fully customisable settings.  Just download the free Magishine APP and you have the power to customise the perfect light for your own needs. Once the APP is downloaded, plug the lighthead into the battery, add your light to the APP and connect.  It's as simple as that.

You can add up to 20 levels of personalised modes or stick to just one or two.  Flash, blink and SOS modes are available and run times can be extended by reducing the output to your optimum needs - a definite plus for those longer winter off road rides, where speed isn't as critical as distance. A real boom for Audax riders too.  The choices are yours. Full power when on a country lane or a full on flash at 20% when you're in the city, or if you prefer a gentle blink during the day, that's possible too!


Newly designed with advanced cooling through the new thermally managed fins and some very techy insides, the Magicshine MJ-906B weighs just 91g and is diminutive in size at 56x43x50mm. The super new style smart battery, with power indicator and USB port measures 123x42.5x30mm and weighs in at 167g making a total weight for lighthead and battery of just 258g. 


The new D shaped ring makes mounting the lighthead simple.  The battery uses a velcro strap, perfect for attaching such a small ergonomic battery. It is designed to fit snuggly onto your frame, cushioned by the large rubber mat on the rear of the battery. 


The MJ-906B comes with a 5.8Ah 7.4V battery as standard, using 4 x 18650 Li-ion LG cells. This brand new redesigned 'smart' battery is chargeable with a USB, meaning you can also use it as a power bank for your phone. A power indicator positioned below the rubber stopper uses three small green LED's to provide a simple way to check your battery status before you've connected it to your bike.  

Please note: No wall charger is supplied.

In Use

The MJ-906B Is really simple to use and you'll be astounded at what you can achieve.  You just need to download the free Magicshine APP from either the App store or Google play. There's even a QR code to help included with the instruction manual. Plug your lighthead into its battery and then you'll get the option to connect the light with the APP.  Then it's happy customising.  You have 20 levels to play with. Choose a setting and then move the dial on the App to the light intensity you require. You'll see the light immediately change intensity as you move the dial.  Once you're happy with each level move onto the next.  When you've decided that you have the ultimate output and modes for your needs the APP will save your settings until your next ride.  However, if you want to change, delete or add modes then of course you can.

 Magicshine MJ-900B APP display  


Run Time

The standard 5.8Ah 4.4V battery will give a maximum run time of 1.5 hours on full power, but with this light you are the master of your own destiny as you can decide how low to go with output so you can get maximum run time.  The perfect light for Auduax riders and anyone who needs a long running battery.  


The Magicshine MJ-906B has a beam angle of 20 degrees and with an 'actual' ouput of 3200 lumens this light is fantastic for even the trickiest downhill decent, brilliant for any off road adventures and now being customisable you can use it safely on the road too. A thoroughly decent beam throw that much higher priced lights would be envious of.  This might just be the perfect light we've all been looking for. 

Bonita says  

This new MJ-906B + APP has totally revolutionised our lights, Magicshine have upgraded the battery and made an ordinary little light into something rather extraordinary. Happy customising! x

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  1. Great value front light for the trails Review by BIKE RADAR

    Magicshine MJ906B 2018 light (Mick Kirkman / Immediate Media)
    BikeRadar verdict

    "Slight niggles but still a remarkable amount of user friendly features for the price"
    Highs: Bargain price for reliable, app tunable, power pack lighting system
    Lows: Not quite as powerful as claimed on the trail, twangy on rough descents
    Buy if: You want a very smart, well priced light for less radical trails
    Magicshine has been the brand to beat in performance for price terms for several years now. The latest multi faceted, app tuneable 906B isn’t totally issue free but it’s still an impressively user friendly, bang up to date bargain that continues its affordable benchmark form.

    The claimed 3,200 lumen max is more comparable with verified 2–2500 Lumen lights on the trail, but the central punch is still enough for flat-out riding on technical terrain.

    The Bluetooth remote makes managing power easy without taking your hands off the bars
    The five-LED arrangement throws out some weird-shaped edges, which can be distracting and accelerate eye fatigue. While weight is centralised enough over the O-ring mount not to physically shift on the bars, it can still twang around on the roughest descents.

    Even with these flaws, practical output is still much better than anything else I’ve used in its price range though.

    Features are excellent for such an affordable light too. While the default set up only has two solid modes sandwiched between flash and strobe, the light can be totally tuned via a free smartphone app. This lets you add up to 20 different solid, SOS, flash or pulse mode settings and each one can be configured from 1–100 percent power.

    The Bluetooth remote makes managing power easy without taking your hands off the bars, and it syncs instantly too. Top quality Panasonic cells, in a slim USB charged 5800mAh hardshell battery, give an adequate run time that’s significantly longer than claimed.

    It’s got a rudimentary charge indicator and a USB port for recharging other devices (or using as an off bike ‘powerbank’) if needed too.

    Excellent long-term reliability on all the test sets over the years cements their value and official magicshineuk back up is excellent.

    Weight: 380g
    Run time (max power): 2h 10mins (Posted on 31/10/2017)

  2. Great value front light for the trails Review by BIKE RADAR
    Rating (Posted on 31/10/2017)

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