MJ-906 + MJ-902 Superior Bike Light Combo

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  • MJ-906 5000 lumen bike light (full set)
  • MJ-902 2000 lumen bike lights (full set)
  • MJ-6058 helmet mount
Another great bike light combination for off road riders that need a blast of power and depth of vision without going over the top. This package contains the full MJ-906 5000 lumen bike light including battery and charger along with the full MJ-902 2000 lumen bike light set including battery and charger. Both sets include a rear light and remote button. More than enough power and run time for the vast majority of customers on the trickiest trails but also suitable for on the road with the power down low. The MJ-902 is suitable for both helmet mounting and on the bars of your road bike too! It goes without saying that this is a great combination of lights giving you great visibility on and off road an enabling even the most dynamic of trails to be handled with ease. This one is proving to be our most popular package of the 2016 season. For more information on the individual lights search MJ-906 in the bar above and MJ-902 or cut and paste the following links.
MJ-906 and MJ-902 and helmet mount MJ-6058 includes two batteries and relevant chargers, rear light and remote buttons.

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