Magicshine MJ-858 1000 lumen head torch package

  • 1000 lumen head torch
  • 3 power settings, high, low and flash mode
  • 10.5 hours run time on low setting (250 lumens)
  • 3.5 hours run time on high power
  • Light head weighs 73g
  • 4.4Ah battery can be placed in rucksack or pocket
  • Package includes headmount and extension cable 

The Magicshine MJ-858 has proved to be our most popular bike light in 2015. It's lightweight and compact design, coupled with the tremendous 1000 lumen output also means it also makes a fantastic head torch.  Hence we bring you this brand new MJ-858 head torch package.  

The MJ-858 light head attaches to the head or helmet mount with the tried and tested 'o' ring mounting system. It's quick and easy, so that no time is wasted in swapping from bar mount to head mount. There is a choice of head or helmet mount included within the package giving you three different options for you to choose the most suitable one for your exact needs.  The package also includes a free extension cable to enable you to keep the 4.4Ah 8.4V battery in either your rucksack or pocket, keeping the weight on your head minimal.

For more information on the MJ-858 please see the full item description here 

The options for the head and helmet mounts are as follows:

Mj-858 light head 4.4Ah 8.4V battery UK charger with certified plug 'O' rings to attach light head to chosen mount

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  1. A real Gem of a light Review by Rob

    This little light really does pack a punch. It can be used on the handlebars or as I do on my MTB helmet. The flood of light is more of a large spot than wide angle, perfect for looking around you. On it's own it is more than enough light for pitch black trails at night. However, complement it with a couple of the MJ-872's on your handlebars and the result is astonishing, I'd say on par with a car headlights. Just be careful you don't melt the odd dog and it's owner! (Posted on 07/11/2016)

  2. ultra bright Review by mikiki

    So much light from such a little bike light! Fantastic customer service. Definitely buy from again! (Posted on 24/10/2015)

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