Magicshine MJ-819 smart rear light

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  • USB recharegable 
  • 4 optional modes
  • secure mounting system
  • integral battery 
  • run time 12 hours
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Magicshine have developed the MJ-819 Smart Rear light for road bikers who do not want the hassle of wiring from a battery pack or to carry the extra weight of a spare battery. 


MJ-819 is a masterpiece that provides a new level of safety, beauty and technology. In its unique intelligent mode, the smart tail light detects when the brake is applied, then increases the brightness and holds steady to signal to riders or vehicles behind you that you are slowing down.


The smart tail light also detects other sources of light and automatically turns on and off as needed. This function can be switched off if required.  The light also turns off if stationary for long periods so you won't be caught out if you forget to turn it off whilst you pop to the shop/pub etc. Our smart tail light also provides visibility from all angles and is perfect for cyclists who require added security and protection of our industry-leading intelligent mode.

12 hour run time on standard setting, USB rechargeable 

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