Magicshine Eagle F3 3000 lumens bike light 2016 model

  • 3000 actual lumens bike light 
  • 5 power settings 
  • 3 options for beam pattern 
  • wireless remote control operation
  • 7.4V battery 
  • over 32 hours run time on lowest output
  • 1.6 hours at 100% brightness ie 3000 lumens
  • Magicshine's brightest bike light yet! 

Wow, Magicshine's brightest, most versatile bike light to date! It's a monster, but if you want something to take you on the darkest trail or for the longest ride then this is the bike light for you. The Magicshine Eagle F3 has a maximum output of 3000 lumens. Not many people can ride fast enough to need that sort of power but that's where this light comes into it's own; it has 3 beam settings each with five power options. That means that you can chose the exact output and beam pattern to suit your style of riding. Whether you need a spot beam or a wide angle beam you can choose, whether you need 100% output or just 10% for on the road then again you choose from the five different options. The reviews will be in soon and I think this one is going to be a winner!


The Eagle F3 light head is larger than any of the other Magicshine models, weighing in at 208grams. This change in size has prompted Magicshine to change its mounting system to a more robust talon shaped bracket, so that the light stays firmly where you want it.  The lighthead has 4 CREE XM-L2 LEDS set up specifically to give you the beam options I mentioned earlier; the two top LED's give you a spot beam and the two lower LED's give you width of beam just where you need it - right in front of the bike. The battery is BIG weighing in at 510 grams, but it needs to be to power the 3000 lumens of light for a decent length of time.  It's such a great combination!  

Please note all the connectors and wiring for this new lamp have been upgraded and so are not compatible with the other lights in the Magicshine range, the connectors are square!    


The F3 lighthead attaches to the bars with a robust talon shaped bracket, that's a big change for Magicshine but seems to work really well.  The 8.8Ah battery has it's own mounting system, again different to anything Magichsine have used before. Basically a mounting bracket is strapped to your bike with either screws or a velcro option, once attached it stays in place on your bike and the battery slides on and off as and when you need it or it needs charging.


The battery as we've mentioned is BIG it weighs in at 510 grams and holds 8 x 18650 li-ion batteries.  This battery will run your Eagle F3 for 1.6 hours on the full 3000 lumen output but down on 10% - so 300 lumens it will run for 32 hours, so ideal if you're on an all nighter and can carry the extra weight!

Please note the charger and connectors are different to other lights in the Magicshine range.


What can I say,  apart from it's bright!!  Well OK then, you can choose whatever beam pattern you require, switch to the two top LED's and you have a great spot beam which throws way, way into the distance, switch to the bottom LED's and wham, you've got width of beam right in front of you on the trail just where you need it.  If you want both options together then that's possible too.  You can then also choose the power option you require anything from 10%, through 25%, 50%, 75% right up to 100%.   Honestly the choice is amazing and you will find something that suits you and your style of riding.


The Magicshine Eagle F3 is a little tricky to use to start with. You can use the clicky switch on top of the light head to change options if you wish, but you may also like the new and improved remote button that comes with the light. This enables you to keep your hands off the lighthead (so as not to move it by accident) and change the modes using a switch positioned much nearer your hands, much safer in my view! 

The light head also displays a battery power indicator so you can easily see how much 'juice' you have left in the tank. There are five small green LED's positioned on the top of the lamp, when all five are lit, you have 100% battery as they reduce to 4 this shows 80% battery, 3, 60% right down to one LED when you need to turn down the power and get home!   

Bonita say's

We've had the Eagle F3 for around 6 months now, out on test with our favourite testers. There were a few design issues to begin with, but now they're sorted this is really going to be a winner with all the Magicshine lovers out there.  It's big but sometimes you need big and powerful in this world!    



  • Lighthead
  • Remote button
  • Talon shaped bracket for mounting
  • 8.8Ah 7.4VBattery
  • Battery pack mount bracket
  • Velcro bands
  • Charger
  • Nylon bands for mounting bracket
  • Screws
  • Allen key for mounting
  • Warranty card
  • User manual
  • 4 x CREE XM-L2 LED's
  • luminous flux: 3000 lumens
  • LED lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • shell material: Aluminum alloy and plastic
  • Switch: two top click switch and wireless remote control
  • working modes: High-lowbeam/ high beam/ low beam
  • 8 x 18650 li-ion battery (7.4V 8800mAh)
  • run time 1.6 hours @ 100% output
  • battery life span 500 cycles
  • Waterproof grade IPX5
  • Size L70xW77xH53mm
  • Magichine uk offer a 12 month, no quibble warranty based on the belief we should treat our customers the way we like to be treated.

    7 day exchange if you change your mind

    All we ask is that the item is returned in 'as new' condition with all accessories and the original box.

    12 month warranty on all goods.

    Simply tell us what the problem is, quote your original invoice number (goods must have been purchased from

    If you can't find the invoice number, don't panic, just give us a call on 01604 452423

    We send out a replacement item with a returns label for the faulty item

    All we ask is that you return the faulty item to us. Magicshine uk - not just great products.

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    1. First Class service Review by Ian

      Brilliant light in every respect. Good spread of light and turns night into day. I use it for mountain bikeing on dark technical trails were you need to see whats up front.
      Also fantastic service you get as well from Magic Shine UK. (Posted on 20/03/2017)

    2. very bright and good beam spread Review by monkeyman2

      this light is very easy to use and battery lasts a long time if managed properly. used it for a ride during the night and early morning and using the wireless control it worked a treat. light was used on off road trails in the pitch black and did not have to use the full power mode as lesser brightness setting worked. never spent this much on an off road bike light but glad I did. Well worth it (Posted on 10/08/2016)

    3. Absolutely awesome Review by Dave

      Got the 2 wk ago and all I can say about it is wow . Incredibly bright,dip beam is excellent with a wide spread while full beams travels a great distance. Would definitely buy another if I had to in the future (Posted on 25/09/2015)

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