Magicshine Monteer 1400 lumen front bike light

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  • 1400 lumens 
  • 4 power settings
  • 100%, 50%, 25% and flash
  • 1.5 hours run time on full power 
  • 6.5 hours on flash 
  • USB rechargeable integral battery
  • Replaceable, interchangeable battery cells    
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The Magicshine Monteer 1400 lumen bike light is USB rechargeable and is our highest lumen output light to have an integral battery system. No wires! The power comes from 2 x 18650 batteries that are not only rechargeable via USB but are also replaceable, meaning that the lifetime of the light can be substantially increased. This is an exceptional addition to the Magicshine range and will be suited to all road users and also off road riders who require a helmet mounted light with an impressive output which includes an integrated battery. The light can also be powered by a single 18650 battery to reduce weight, this makes the light even more useful if you're thinking of using it on your helmet.


The Monteer is 104.5 x 43 x 32.6mm in dimension it weighs just 104g without batteries and with both batteries inside it weighs just under 200g. 


The Monteer 1400 uses the tried and tested Eagle system for mounting, which means you can clip it on and off your bike quickly and easily without removing the whole mounting stsyem, great for commuters.


2 x 18650 li-ion cells with a self protection system. These cells are not only rechargeable via USB but once depleted can be easily exchanged for new replacements without the need for replacing the full system. 

In Use

The new Magicshine Monteer is an extremely bright 1400 lumens front bike light with a 20 degree beam pattern and a run time of 6.3 hours on flash mode. It's integrated batteries allow you to do away with all those wires but still have a really bright light with a very decent run time on full power. 

Run Time

100% brightness - 1400 lumens = 1.6 hours

50% brightness - 700 lumens 3.4 hours

25% brightness - 350 lumens 6.8 hours 

Flash mode 6.8 hours  

Bonita says

A brilliant new addition to the Magicshine stable, a 1400 lumen light with integrated batteries!  We've been waiting for a bright commuting/helmet mounted light without wires for ages.  This is it.  Well done Magicshine!



Monteer 1400 lumen light with 2 x 18650 integral batteries Eagle clip mount USB charging lead instruction manual Bands for bars up to 35m
1 year

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  1. Great light that suits my requirements Review by Andrew

    I ride MTB on local natural single tracks and trail centres.

    I needed a compact light to start a ride before sunrise, or extend my ride if running late. A all-in-one unit on the bar seemed ideal as I wanted something that I could mount quickly and store away in a pocket. I ride with no backpack.

    The Monteer was to be mounted on the bars to create contrast and detail on the ground, teamed up with a 1000 lumens light on the helmet for technical areas. If I liked night rinding then I would in the future purchase a separate head unit with wired remote battery pack of 2000 lumens+.

    I also purchase another light (Exposure) and borrowed another light from a friend (Moon).

    The Exposure had a nice quality of light no hot spots. However this was more than triple the price (I got it on sale) and did not fit in my pocket. I also had a non-removable battery, and complex button pushing and modes. Well made but cost was also an issue, particularly when out of warranty.

    The Moon was the brightest, however optics gave a beam pattern with a number of stepped highlights. It also used non-standard and unique batteries which were out of stock on the manufacturers web site, and prohibitively expense elsewhere. The bracket was bulky clashing with a small bag mounted on top tube. The remote was a good idea but wired and a bit fragile. Additionally I had no response from Moon customer services on enquiring about the batteries and spare remotes. Design wise it was ugly.

    I decided on the Monteer for a number of reasons: Magicshine customer services was great and they responded well to pre-sale questions offering good advice. The light itself was compact, easy to pocket, robust and nicely designed.

    I believe the 1400 measured lumens to be correct by comparing to other two lights. The beam was quite wide allowing reasonable peripheral vision, with a slight spot. Personally I find going through flashing when changing modes a tad annoying, but it means very simple switching between modes.

    I have not done a timed actual battery life using 1 setting, but I believe it to be beyond 1.6 hours quoted for 100% brightness - I used this over a 3 hours period mixing modes. I have obtained spare batteries which can be swapped out on trail if required. I can even fit a battery in with my tools as it can use just 1 cell. (These are standard 18650 cells).

    The bar mounting bracket has a slim profile, and fixed using an allen key, holding the light with no slipping.

    If I wanted to improve the product, then ideally the mount would swivel slightly and use a thumb screw as I will need to remove the light due to limited bar space. A wireless remote would be the icing on the cake. (Posted on 23/01/2018)

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