Questions (and answers).

Q. Why should I buy from Magicshine UK?

A. We are the exclusive distributor of Magicshine, MyTinySun and Open Light Systems products in the UK and Ireland. For our customers that usually means next day delivery and it’s your guarantee that your goods aren’t grey imports, counterfeit ‘look alikes’ or not backed by any meaningful guarantee in the event you have an issue. 

Q. How soon can I expect to receive my order?

A. If your order is received before 3pm, it will usually be despatched the same day using eitehr a courier or Royal Mail 1st class. Overseas orders are also sent by Royal Mail or by courier, depending on size.

Q. Whats the run time of my battery?

A. Run times will vary depending on ambient conditions and the power output of your lights. Broadly speaking you can expect between 2.5 and 3 hours on a 900 lumen output light. However these are lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion provides very high power over extended periods of time and they are also flexible in terms of re-charging. However they are similar to the batteries in laptops and mobile phones. We provide instructions on how to charge, frequency etc but one of the features of this type of battery is that their output will diminish over time - as laptop and mobile phone batteries do.

Q. Why do you also supply Open Light Systems batteries?

A. Magicshine batteries offer outstanding value for most users; that’s why we offer a 12 month guarantee if you buy from us – the manufacturer and other re-sellers offer only 6 months. However Open Light Systems batteries are designed and built in Germany to exceptional standards. They use only the finest materials, including the very best Panasonic cells and also a much higher range of outputs; ideal if you’re competing in endurance events. Open Light Systems batteries come with a 2 year warranty as standard.

Q. Why do you also sell MyTinySun lights?

A. We are also exclusive distributors for MyTinySun in the UK and Ireland. MyTinySun is a German company meaning all their lights are designed and hand built in Germany. This means they are assembled with exceptional care and most components are of industrial standard. That’s why the MyTinySun brand is the choice of European Search and Rescue teams and all components come with 2 year guarantee as standard. The owners of MyTinySun have extraordinary vision and their product ‘road map’ really excites us. We are proud to work alongside them.

Q. Whats your returns policy?

If you are not happy with your product , please return your goods for a full refund.

If the product is faulty within the guarantee period the procedure is:

  1. Contact us to verify you are our customer
  2. Explain the nature of the fault - we migth be able to offer a solution
  3. We enclose a returns label and ask you to return your faulty equipment
  4. On receipt of the returned goods we will send out a replacement item.

Q. You offer a 12 month warranty; does this apply to all goods?

A. It applies to all goods including batteries bought from us. Anyone familiar with mobile phones (cell phones) and/or laptops will be aware that the lithium-ion batteries used in these devices, whilst offering great performance, do reduce in power over time. This is a natural phenomenon known as cell oxidisation. However Magicshine UK ® does warranty against significantly reduced running power for up to 12 months.

Q. If I bought my goods from another retailer, can I return faulty items direct to you?

A. No, all items MUST be returned to the original re-seller.

Q. You are an internet business. How can I see or try items before I buy?

A. We are based In Northampton just a few minutes drive from the M1. Whilst we are not a shop, we welcome visitors to our premises to have a look round and try whatever is of interest before you buy. We also do a great line in free coffee and biscuits!